Monday, 24 December 2012

X is for Xmas Owls

My sister was sure that O would have been for Owl. But really I was saving it up.

My sister and my nephew gave me a special owl ornament for my Christmas tree a few weeks ago. Xav was supposed to give it to me when he came to build the gingerbread house but he dropped it on the concrete and is smashed into smithereens. So my sister bought me another one. Here it is on my tree.

I'm thinking next year, the whole tree can be just owl ornaments. 'Cos an owl is for Christmas.
Christmas Owl decorations by Pickle-Lily
Pine Cone Owl Ornaments by Crazy little thing called love!
Needle Felted knitting Owl ornament by Scratchcraft on Etsy.
Hand stitched felt Owl ornaments by RawBone Studio on Etsy.
Colourful Crochet Owl Ornaments by ATERGcrochet on Etsy
Laser cut Wooden Owl and ball of yarn ornament by Tangerine8 on Etsy. She also makes awesome Tardis knitting needle gauges. Hint please Santa

Christmas Owl ornamant hand embroidered with geometric shapes by AnAstridEndevor on Etsy
Owl ornament by amosthefamous on Etsy
Fused and stained glass Owls by The Glass Cabin on Etsy
Knitted Owl Ornament by Woodsy Wools on Etsy
Felt Owl Ornaments by Ordinary Mommy on Etsy.

I'm making my own own owl ornaments using this tutorial by Jessica Levitt of Juicy-bits.
Here's the first one. Still not stuffed yet though.

I'm gonna have a little bit of break now. Y and Z will be coming after Christmas is all finished.

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