Thursday, 20 December 2012

T is for Tapestry

One T was not enough. Today I'm reminiscing. I've just recently celebrated my wedding anniversary at the beginning of December. Next year it will be our 25th wedding anniversary. Just a few years after I got married, my Mum and Dad celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary and I made this special tapestry for them. These are my Mum and Dad's engagement photos. I sent a copy of one of these away by mail order to a place which printed photos onto canvas with a colour key on the side. Then I embroidered it and had it professionally framed. It was great fun to do and one of things I have made that I am proudest of.
What's hard to believe, is that Mum and Dad are probably the same age as my children here. My Mum was 20 when she got married, 21 when she had me. My Dad was just a few years older. It's bittersweet sometimes to look at these. My Dad died 13 years ago in his fifties from asbestos related cancer. I miss him at odd unexpected moments still.

And here are their wedding photos. Every bride and groom should be so clearly radiantly happy on their wedding day.

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