Friday, 21 December 2012

U is for Unfinished

Unfinished objects. The inevitable outcome of any crafting life. Starteritis should be a clinically defined medical condition for crafters. It's much more fun to begin something new rather than finish something you are bored with.

I started this year's blogging with two posts about the UFOs (Unfinished Objects) infesting my house. (See UFOs and PHDs (A belated New Year's Resolution) and UFOs and PHDs (Take 2)). It's now December, and you know what? I haven't finished a single one of these! I told you I was bad at New Year's Resolutions. (On the plus side, I have completed everything I started this year, except for the Granny Wants a Latte Macchiato Granny Rug which I knew was a long term project).

Come to think of it the Christmas preparations are also unfinished. Back to it.

Here's a reminder of some of what I need to finish. Must find a sewing needle.

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  1. I can never start a knitting project (I'm a slow knitter). You have my sympathies for all your UFOs



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