Tuesday, 4 December 2012

D is for Doctor Who

Today I've decided to embrace the inner geek and reveal my love of Dr Who. Dr Who is one of the few shows that we watch together as a family. Even the boy emerges from his cave to join in. This is our household favourite Doctor Who and this photo is especially for the eldest daughter who would happily listen to David Tennant read a shopping list or the Dictionary for hours just for the accent.

This is a tribute to all those creative people out there who use their love of Dr Who as a platform for some truly awesome creative endeavours. We'll start will a gallery of handmade tributes to the Doctor in all his incarnations.

As nesting dolls:
As amigurumi both small and large:
The fourth Doctor - Tom Baker. Cos' knitting geeks everywhere have tried to recreate the scarf. It even has it own webpage: http://www.doctorwhoscarf.com/
This is the Doctor I grew up with - Peter Davidson, the fifth Doctor. In hindsight what was with the celery?
Doctor Who has the scariest bad guys. "Are you my Mummy?" still freaks me out. Someone in my house has downloaded the Dr Who sounds as ring tones to his phone and I keep hearing it. The Boy's all time favourites are the Weeping Angels. I could never walk through an old cemetery without looking over my shoulder to check for angels.
Cos' all scary things should be made into Lego
Daleks make Soufflé. Eggs Stir Mix Bake.

I love the imagination and creativity of some Dr Who fans.
Dr Who vs. Dr Suess. This mash-up by Artist Bill Mudron is called The Cat in the Hat Came Back (eventually)
An ode to the Tardis.
Tardis socks
Knitted Tardis Blanket By Carrie Fritsche.
Tardis Phone Case by my imaginary boyfriend
And a bedroom door by Sew Hooked
Re-doing the Boy's bedroom door is our summer holiday project.

It's nearly Christmas. I think we need to bring a little Dr Who magic into our Christmas.
Dr Who Dalek and Tardis Glass Christmas Ornaments
Crocheted Christmas Tree Tardis Ornament
Tardis Party Lights

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  1. This is fantastic! Just popping over from the #amonthof Facebook page. Enjoying the challenge!


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