Saturday, 24 May 2014

Knitographical Cowl - my life in random knitted things

The title of my blog says it all: Knitographical - my life in random knitted things. I've always wanted to translate this statement to a random knitted thing. So when I first ran across Jill McGee's recipe to knit your favorite things into a cowl, it went straight into my queue.

On New Years Eve in a hot and sweaty Australian summer, I cast this one. Here is my story interpreted with sticks and wool. And this is a story cowl - but today I'm just going to tease you with the pretty pictures of the finished cowl. The story is for next time.
This is also a memory of a recent trip to the zoo where we took the photos. Thanks to the boy for the photos and Mel for her modelling skills (though it is me in some of the photos). The great thing about zoos, apart from awesome cute animals, is that no one looks at you funny for taking photos of just about anything.
Pattern: 'My Favorite Things' Infinity Scarf by Jill McGee. Patterns used for individual motifs can be found linked on my Ravelry project page - Knitographical Cowl. All colour-work patterns are from free patterns / charts - mainly from mittens hats and socks. 
Needles: Antique 4 mm (size 8) Aero jumper length dpns
Wool: a variety of 8 ply pure wool and wool blends - lots of Cleckheaton Country and Country naturals.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Curating Ravelry: Simple textured shawls

Lately I'm lusting after simple shawls, garter stitch, simple textures, beautiful yarn, gorgeous colours. And you know me, a free pattern just tops it all off.

So here's another Curating Ravelry post with the theme of simple textured shawls. Go on, you  know you want to knit one too!

I'm starting with Stephen West of westknits.  Stephen is the master creator of so many cool shawls. (And a few of them are even free).
by westknits
by westknits
Boneyard shawl by Stephen West (Westknits)

by westknits
Metalouse by Stephen West (Westknits) from Knitty, Winter 2012

Actually, there are a few great free shawl patterns in Knitty. This is the next one I have queued.
© Melinda VerMeer
© Melinda VerMeer
Nymphalidea by Melinda VerMeer from Knitty, Deep Fall 2013

by YarnAddictAnni Flickr

Maja by Anniken Allis from Knitty, Winter 2008

© brittsneezer

Stencillo Shawlette by Britt Schmiesing

© Tahki Stacy Charles, Inc.
Bessie Positive/Negative Stole by Irina Poludnenko

© sketchbook
The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief by Orange Flower Yarns

Monday, 5 May 2014

Curating Ravelry: Bunnies, and Rabbits

Spring has sprung (at least it has on the other side of the world! It's actually autumn here in Australia). Spring is all about happy frolicking baby animals, little baby lambs, darling fawns and cute little bunnies. Spring is also Easter and where would Easter be without the genetic abnormality - the Easter bunny.

So this curating Ravelry post is a tribute to all things cute and bunny-ish and FREE. Want to make a bunny?
© Stephanie Jessica Lau
Spring Bunnies by Stephanie Jessica Lau

© phoeny
 Baby Easter Bunny by Phoenix Knits

by Mochimochiland
Woodins by Anna Hrachovec (Mochimochiland) from Knitty, Fall 2007

© cheezombie
Rabbitty by Cheezombie from Knitty, First Fall 2013

© Brandy Fortune
Juicy Fruit by Aine Marriott from Petite Purls - Summer 2011.

© Sarah Youde
Sunny Bunny by Sarah Youde

© twins

Amigurumi Pocket Bunny by the Twins

© Amigurumi Aşkına
Amigurumi Cute Rabbit by Amigurumi Aşkına

© saraek
Vintage Rabbit by Sara Elizabeth Kellner. He's a bit like the Velveteen Rabbit of the storybook.