Sunday, 16 December 2012

P is for Playing in the Park taking Photographs

I know my neighbours occasionally think I'm weird. A grown women who walks around the neighbourhood with random knitted items (often toys) and a professional looking SLR camera taking photos of said knitted objects in weird places.

I took these photos in November last year when I was blogging about The Little Poppets in the Park. It's a pleasure to give these guys there chance to shine finally. The photos were taking at the kids playground at the end of our street.

I'd like you to meet four knitted cats we have made. The Blue and White striped one is Geelong Cat also known as Half Cat, made by the Head of the Household for his brother to celebrate Geelong's 2011 AFL premiership. (Yes, that's right. My husband can knit!). Next to him is Flat cat also made made by the Head of Household. The gray cuddly one is the Unobjectionable Cat I made for my daughter's friend and fellow blogger, Louise formerly of Raspberries in Winter. Louise made a gorgeous little video of him exploring his new home but I'll have to ask if I can share it as she is a budding professional photographer and is very careful about how she shares her work on the  internet now. The final one is Ami, an amineko amigurumi. You can read more about Ami and Flat cat in An Infestation of Cats.

So here they are checking out the slide.
Having a very cosy swing together.
And just hanging around on the jungle gym.
Of course its not all fun and games at the park. I swear Louise's cat pushed Half Cat. There were tears and soothed feelings required after this.

I'd like to especially acknowledge the photographers assistant here for expert cat wrangling. 'Cos we all know this is not the easiest thing in the world. It really needs a trained professional Cat Herder.

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