Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Project 365: Week 13

It's Easter = a small break from the craziness of everyday life. A time for a deep breath and quality lazy time with family.

I missed a day this week. Wednesday was frantically busy and while I saw a scene worthy of a photo, a series of planned burns along the side of a country road at twilight as I was on my way to a tutoring job, I was on a tight timeline and it was too dark to photograph effectively by the time I returned home. So you'll just have to imagine black scorched earth with piles of glowing coals like a giant devil's campfire.
Day 85: The boy has a maths SAC tomorrow. We've been frantically cramming. No, I've been helping him learning how to use mathematical mapping for transformations of equations. The husky puppet was helping.
Day 87: The next chapter in the continuing saga of the garden outside my window. I think it is morphing into a rock garden. I'm sure there's more to come. This was the last day before the Easter break so it will be interesting to see what it looks like when I get back.
Day 88: We picked that pumpkin. It was about 9 kg. Today was Good Friday. This is traditionally a Pyjama day spent watching the telethon for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday appeal. The resident chef made delicious home-made pumpkin (and odds and ends of leftover roast veggie) soup for our lunch. I did briefly consider posting a photo of the Pyjama party on the couch but decided against exposing my blog readers to that sight.
Day 89: Easter Saturday. Helping the boy pad up for a contact sparring session. Lacing up the chest guards makes me think of lacing up the back of a corset top like on a debutante or wedding dress. The big tough guys didn't appreciate me repeating this observation as I was tying up their laces. For the boy we have to lace as tight as we can go. For a few of the older guys, there almost isn't enough string left to tie a bow at the end (and they're wearing the largest size chest protection)!
Day 90: It's Easter morning. The traditional Easter Egg Hunt is on. Even though the children are now young adults, this tradition must be maintained. However, clearly chocolate for Easter breakfast still makes for hyperactivity. One of the kids when vetting this picture for blog worthiness claims that there is something Gollum-Like in my eldest daughter's regard of her cup of eggs. "My Precious!"
Day 91: Easter Monday at the footy at the MCG with 76,299 other people! Here are the two teams lined up for the National Anthem at the beginning of the game. Hawthorn vs. Geelong games are somewhat of a family Easter tradition. Once again Hawthorn stuck to tradition and got narrowly beaten by Geelong (7 points this time). The Geelong supporters in my family rubbed it in. It was still a great day even if I am an unhappy hawthorn supporter yet again.

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