Friday, 19 April 2013

Project 365: Week 14

Non-teaching week. Mid Semester Break. The tail end of the Easter Holiday. School holidays for the boy. Life is running at a different pace this week. Work, but no classes. Catch up, marking and some focused educational web design. No getting up kids up early and dragging them to the bus. Oh, and a lot of high quality knitting time!

Missed a few photo ops this week too... Lazy enough that I forgot to get the camera out.... (So I wish to formally apologise to Tuesday 2nd April, Friday 5th April  and Monday 8th April 2013. I'm sorry I didn't recognise your highlights this week.)
Day 93: Road tripping with the better half. The reason might be prosaic - medical appointments in 'the Big Smoke', but it's nice to spend time together. Half a new beanie knitted in the car and a romantic lunch in a shopping centre food court. Hey after 20+ years of marriage, romance is where you find it!
Day 94: I think I inadvertently collect statistics textbooks. If I wanted to be known as a mad collector of some sort or other, it definitely wouldn't be for this.... The pile of new and current textbooks on the floor of my office. Today I reviewed a book for a publisher to help plan for the new edition.
Day 96: Look a breeding pair of slouchy beanies! I made the one on the left for the boy as an Easter present. Future doctor daughter was home over Easter and took a shine to the beanie. We did have to search her bag when she left to make sure she hadn't quietly taken it home with her. So I made an identical one for her this week.
Day 97: I gave in. I made the jacket a vest... It looks OK but I miss the dream of the cardigan that wasn't meant to be...

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