Sunday, 21 April 2013

Project 365: Week 15

Week 15. Just your standard daily grind with a fun family Sunday day out with the kids.  Oh, and my resident Chef has been cooking all manner of delicious things.
Day 99: Twilight / Sunset in the car park at work. Some quiet evening marking in my office whilst the boy plays ninja. Looking out over the water tower. This stores the water for the water engineering lab.
Day 100: It's time for a garden progress update. Today they build an octagonal something or other. Yesterday my entertainment was watching burly men manhandle heavy rocks. The consensus is it may be a raised garden bed, but a water feature would be cool too. The other occupants of my office think that it is highly appropriate that they built an Octagon outside the maths / stats peoples' office!
Day 101: Home-made Tortellini. My better half has been flexing his culinary muscles as he has some time at home. These were like beef and parmensan meatballs wrapped in pasta. Amazing!
Day 102: Authentic Dutch croquettes. The ugly ducklings of the Dutch Food world. They look even worse before they are crumbed. Imagine if you will a giant tray of these in my fridge last night pre-crumbing. A tray of brownish long things. Yes, there were toilet humour jokes galore from the boys. However, a couple of slices of fresh bread, some exotic mustard (sun dried tomato and garlic today) and a few hot croquettes squished in the middle. Sheer heaven. Going to give some to my sister as it's her birthday today.
Day 103: It should always look just as neat from the back. I'm on such a knitting hot streak at the moment. This is going to be an owl hat for middle daughter's European Adventure. Brushing up on my skills at intarsia knitting. This is just one evening's work! I started it last night whilst watching the footy. At hat in just a weekend is an achievable dream.
Day104 : End of a day immersed in a weird, weird world. We went to Melbourne Supanova to catch up with our favourite Aussie Fantasy author Kylie Chan and get our hands on a pre release copy of Book 7 in her magnificent series. We saw the Hoff in passing (twice) but I was more exited by seeing his car Kitt. Watched random people parade past dressed as half the cast of Star Wars, the men of the Night's Watch from Game of Thrones and a barrage of Disney Villanesses. Had lunch next to a group of random Sailor Scouts and watched a live Cos Play chess game where pretty much the entire pawns of one side were Doctor Who in his various incarnations. Oh and Kylie signed all our books and we chatted about the new season of Doctor Who.
Day 105: New artwork for my walls (Slightly squished after a day of being carried around. Kylie signed this for us yesterday. At the top it says, "The Larkins Rock". Thanks Kylie. You rock too. Mutual fan club!

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