Sunday, 31 March 2013

Project 365: Week 12

Week 12 wasn't particularly memorable for any one aspect in particular. I had a full teaching load for the week but the classes seemed to be productive. I'm pretty satisfied that in most cases what I was trying to teach was getting through. It was also the week of meetings and public forums with massive consultation sessions going on at work for the proposed merger between our campus and another university. It's the second last week of school before the end of term for the Year 12 and everything seems to be coming up in an enormous rush with massive assessment tasks due for all his subjects either this week or next (and some of them are highly unusual).
Day 78: This is what happens in my place if you forget to close the back door at my place. The chickens come inside seeking love and affection. They do a very good job of cleaning up under the table and are happy to pose for photos but can be inclined to leave little unpleasant presents for you to clean up.
Day 79: This sign is on the inside of the toilet doors at work. It makes me laugh. And yes, all the laminate surfaces in the entire toilet block are that fetching shade of green. It should be immortalised as a shrine to late 70's architecture. I suspect that it is also rugged enough to survive a nuclear blast given that is still in serviceable condition approx 35 years after it was built. Apologies for the dodgy flash glare.
Day 80: OK this is getting ridiculous. Today they pulled to poles out (with great difficulty I may add). They are concrete capped top and bottom and filled with sand and therefore weigh a tonne. I think we can no longer refer to this space as the garden outside my window. It shall now be known as the construction site formerly known as a garden. I await further developments with interest.
Day 81: Pumpkin! Our veggie garden is almost at the end of its productive life this season. Apart from a few late tomatoes, there is only this massive pumpkin which is almost ready to pick. The only problem is: We didn't plant pumpkins! Why pumpkins grow in out veggie garden is one of life's great mysteries.
Day 82: Board breaking rig. The boy getting organised for his Year 12 Physics EPI (Extended Practical Investigation). He is investigating the amount of force required to break from one to four boards similar to the ones we use in taekwondo. All of this has to fit in the back of my car to go to school on Monday!
Day 83: Giant Mr Potato Head! We went to Farmworld, our local farm field day. It had over 700 stalls with everything from farm equipment to cows and alpacas and gourmet food, farm clothing and boots and information stalls for the posh boarding schools. We looked at how the government departments were interacting effectively with the public and new small cars with the middle daughter. I suspect the giant green machine Mr Potato Head is sitting on top of is a potato harvester.
Day 84: My car at the end of the day with the wreckage of a physics prac. Paving stones, a box a of broken boards, the level... Wait, that's where my bathroom scales got too!


  1. Hey Jo-Ann, I don't know about your community, but I live in Vancouver, Canada and we have a large Asian population. I also lived in Asia for a while and I know that lots of people stand on the toilet seat to use it. Do you know if that's the reason for this sign? It would make sense but I'm wondering if there might be another reason where you live?

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for the comment from the other side of the world. Yes, you're right. Our University campus has a lot of international students mainly from South East Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Hong Kong in particular. I'm sure that's the reason for the sign... Still find it extremely funny though.


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