Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Project 365: Week 10

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that is is now Autumn. We are currently on day 9 of a heatwave - 9 days in row of over 30 degrees Celsius (that's about 88 degrees Fahrenheit) and there's still at least a day to go. So this week is about heat, energy sapping and sweat inducing.

It's also the week of a beanie. My nephew who seems to have had a beanie permanently stapled to his head for at least the last few years turned 21 this weekend. So I made him a new beanie for his 21st in slightly less than a week (in a heatwave no less). Air-conditioning means knitting is a year round endeavour.

And I finally got my car back after the nasty incident with the kangaroo on Valentine's Day!
Day 64: Walking into town to pay some bills at lunchtime. It's only about a 10 to 15 minute nice stroll but I forgot to factor in the intense heat. Probably more exercise that I anticipated.
Day 65: Beanie under construction. I have no idea where the wool for this came from originally except that I didn't buy it. The pattern is Wurm by Katharina Nopp (a free pattern).
Day 66: Walking again to finally collect my car from the panel beaters. These horsies are in the all access playground in the park down the road. They make me smile whenever I go past them but I'm a bit too big to sit on them.
Day 67: The birthday beanie ready for packaging. It's a really slouchy beanie. I gave it a wash last night to block it into shape and you should have seen the colour of the water that came off it! Wherever that wool came from, it still had half the dirt off the farm rolled up in the ball.
Day 68: Jumping castle at the 21st! Drunk people and jumping castles is a match made in heaven. And when they get too drunk after first using the jumping castle as an impromptu wrestling ring you can use it as a wonderful tent to sleep it all off.
Day 69: Visiting the eldest daughter is like a cheap trip to China. We attempted a progressive lunch - Dumplings at Food Republik followed by mains at Indochine. Tried Taiwanese street food and was blown away. The Tawainese KFC popcorn chicken look alike was amazing!
Day 70: Watching my students receive the fruits of their hard work after grading last weekend. This is a double grading = two belt levels at one go and well deserved. Giggling at my fellow instructor tying this belt. This is one of those skills they don't warn you'll need in instructor training.

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