Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sweet as!

# a month of moments
3. Sweet

I had no intention of blogging today. Nothing planned. But then I got an email today that made me channel my inner New Zealander and yell "Sweet As!" (Mind you it was to an empty household. The worker drones had gone to work. The kidults are still on holiday time and snuggled deep in their beds).
Nerds in Love. Sweet as Pi from ForeverGeek
If you read my post Newness for the New Year, you may realize I have an ambitious plan to begin a series of interviews of creative knitwear designers who I admire and want to learn more about as a continuing series on my blog. I sent out my first tentative begging email on New Year's Day. Just bit the bullet and hopped I didn't sound like a sniveling idiot. Anyway this morning there was a reply in my inbox from the delightful Anne Hanson of knitspot with thoughtful replies to my questions. I am amazed and incredibly grateful!

So now I can create my first "Interview with a Designer". Keep looking for this towards the end of the month. A new adventure begins.


  1. This is fabulous news Jo-ann! I'm looking forward to reading the interviews.
    Lisa x

  2. Good on you for following your dreams Jo-ann!

  3. Wow, that is great! Well done :-) I love Ann Hanson's designs and have knitted a couple of them. I will look forward to reading the interview.

    1. Thanks all of you for the encouraging comments. I'm having great fun writing it up too!


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