Monday, 14 January 2013

Ballerinas on a bag

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14. Pretty

I have a confession to make. I used to be a ballet mum. In fact, I'm really only a recently retired ballet mum with the boy still taking jazz classes till the middle of 2012 when he could no longer fit it in with school, a part-time job and serious martial arts training. Ballet is one of those activities which lend itself to pretty creative accessories. I've blogged before about my ballet related knitting (See: The Ballet Years). But I can sew and embroider too when I put my mind to it. So here is a pretty appliqued ballet bag I made for my eldest daughter.
In the good old days when I didn't work full time, I spent 6 months as a member of of church based craft group which met on Thursday mornings. My Mum's neighbor invited me along. You could just do your own thing and socialize over coffee and craft or they would organize a couple of different group projects. Whilst I was there we made patchwork and applique bags. This is basically a cylindrical duffle bag with a drawstring closure. It has five pockets around the outside, each with an appliqued picture and patchwork trim. It is fully lined with cream homespun and has a padded base. The material for the body of the bag is spotty tie dyed quilting cotton. My friend lent me the basic pattern and I think she made one with golliwogs and rag dolls on it.

I had the patterns for the appliques having bought a kit for them them previously at a craft show. I just had a hunt in my sewing box to see who they are by and the pattern says copyright 1995 by Checks Design Originals PO Box 486 Millicent 5280. I can't find a web address for them though so they may no longer be in business.
Close up of the casing
Here are more detailed shots of the the five appliqued designs on the pockets. A ballerina in full tutu mode.
Here's where my eldest daughter's influence comes in. This is supposed to be her in class mode. She was the only junior ballerina who wouldn't wear a pink leotard except when she had to for exams. I had the only black clad baby ballerina.
A pink spotty tutu and ballet shoes on a coat hanger.
The red shoes. (Both an iconic ballet and a classic movie).
An extremely curly haired ballerina with a fairy wand complete with heart charm. All of these are hand appliqued with really fine buttonhole stitch edging done with two strands of embroidery thread. I did use fusible webbing on these though. I'm really proud of how this turned out.
Here it is hanging on the coat rack or rather, bag tree in the girl's room.

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  1. This is beautiful work, I hope your daughter treasures it!


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