Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Project 365: Week 1

Like millions of other bloggers before me, I'm gonna have a go at this photo a day thing. It will be interesting to see how long I last once I am back at work and in the full swing of lecturing given that my preferred camera is a digital SLR and so fairly bulky, heavy and definitely obtrusive. I've already outed myself at work as a secret knitter. I think this year, I'll be outing myself as a random photographer too. Expect to see lots of photos of knitted objects (and possibly food as well as headless people - easiest way to deal with that tricky privacy issue. Can I take your photo and use it on my blog? What do you mean, NO?!).

So here is the first week of January 2013 as seen through my camera lens.  I reserve the right to manipulate them to within an inch of their life if the only photo I managed to take on any given day was basically dodgy (see 'Ranger Stacey' photo below as an example).
Day 1: New Year's Knitting
Day 2: I bought a laminator. Going slightly crazy laminating things.
Day 3: 'Ranger Stacey' packing for a day in the field. In heat camera effect as she was off to check the remote control infra red cameras.
Day 4: Hot, Hot, Hot (42 degrees Celsius). But at least the washing dries in 5 minutes flat. One thing I love about summer is fresh washing dried on the line.
Day 5: On the fifth day evening came and with it peace
Day 6: Sunday roast. Rotisserie chook cooking on the BBQ. We also do our Christmas turkey on the BBQ.
Day 7: Getting back into work mode. Re-thinking how to present first year stats online. I like to write my thoughts down on paper. Bright yellow makes me feel like it is still holiday-ish even if I have to seriously engage my brain.


  1. Oooh I like the photo-a-day thing. Perhaps I will give it a shot, too, when my new camera arrives! I'm excited to see more!

    1. Hi Sava,

      So have you got your new camera yet. Are you taking your one photo a day? I love to see it if you are


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