Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Project 365: Week 2

Here is the the second week of January in photos. We have had a least three seasons in this one week with the weather hitting a maximum of 39 degrees one day but also a few days requiring jumpers, heaters and other winter goodies. There was even some rain and wind strong enough to blow the chickens' feathers inside out.
Day 8: This is what my kids call Santa Vomit. Cleaning and packing up the Christmas Decorations. The 12 days of Christmas are officially over.
Day 9: What happened to summer? Couch snuggling requires blankies and slippers. There is a boy somewhere under that blanket
Day 10: Feeding my sister's cat. This is her driveway. Majestic.
Day 11: Hay bales in the paddock around the corner. Every time I drive past this I have a giggle at the coke bottle caught in the wrapping
Day 12: Cleaning up some of the shoes. There are 3 pairs of the Head of the Household's shoes; 2 pairs of the boy's shoes and one pair of thongs; 6 pairs of my shoes and 10 pairs of Mel's shoes and 2 pairs of thongs. Guess it's true that girls have an inbuilt shoe gene. (This does not include the two pair of shoes I then tripped over in the lounge room or the new pair of hiking boots Mel bought today).
Day 13: Taking photos for my blog. Ballet bag as made by me. Read its blog post: Ballerinas on a bag.
And on Day 14 I forgot to take a photo (See I knew it wouldn't take long for me to stuff it up). It was such a blah sort of day. I did think about cheating and taking one early this morning and passing it off as yesterday's but that is just plain wrong. Suffice to say my subconscious did not find anything worth recording about yesterday <grin>. Now I'm gonna remember to pack my camera when I go to work today.

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