Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Project 365: Week 8

The Chinese have a saying for a week like this: "May you live in interesting times!" Of course, they meant it as a curse for their enemies. It has been a week of upheaval and the beginning of a massive cycle of change in my working environment. One can consider it the beginning of a journey to a Brave New World or the end of life as we know it. I'm going for the bright new future. I'm essentially an optimist.

We'll start this week with Wednesday's photo. I forgot to take a camera with me on Tuesday....
Day 51: Take your child to work day. Only joking... More like bring your child home from work day. The local year 12 students have all been in over the last few days learning how to use our massive instrumentation for Chemistry. Here's my boy on the end closest the camera. I'll treasure this as he didn't even notice I took it and he's concentrating intently on the class.

Day 52: I can still do it. Our senior instructor dropped in unexpectedly and took class for me. Of course that meant I had to train too. And then he made me break boards. This is my first lot in about 4 years. I still got it! Rickety arthritic hips and all.
Day 53: That awkward moment in your working life when your blind-sided by the hit you didn't even see coming when your university decides to give your campus away to another university. It's sort of like an teenage break-up followed by a blind date leading to an arranged marriage in the one day. You know "It's not you, it's me. We've grown apart and we are heading in different directions. But you didn't do anything wrong and you're perfect as you are just not the right one for me. However I know you so well, I know what you need. Here's XXXX, date for a while and make it work 'cos the marriage is in 6 months!" Nothing is ever going to be quite the same again.
Day 54: "What you think you can just leave cuddly knitting lying around over night and expect to get it back again? It's mine now. Thanks" (This is an almost finished new knitted case for my little baby tablet computer I use for teaching).
Day 55: Digging in the knitting drawer on a peaceful Sunday morning to find a needle to sew up said laptop sleeve. Maybe I need to clean up again. It's nearly overflowing.
Day 56: Hot Summer Night. I was trying to put the chooks to bed but they were still yahooing around the yard and in no hurry to go to sleep. These are random streetlights.

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