Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Project 365: Week 7

Week 7 done and dusted. It was fun if you like inconvenience and unexpected minor catastrophes. This week a suicidal native animal ruined my Valentine's Day. My oven gave up the ghost. And once again I missed immortalising a day in photographic splendour. (Tell me why I don't like Mondays).
Day 43: Peace and quiet on the couch. The cowl I'm knitting almost finished and ready for grafting. Cat snuggling my feet. The cool retro new laptop sleeve I bought for my laptop which my son has sort of stolen.
Day 44: The view from my office window. It's nice to be able to see outside. It makes me feel less like a pod person. However, my window is mirrored on the outside and stupid birds fly into it at extremely random intervals and make me jump with the thumps they make.
Day 45: The Valentine's Day Massacre. A giant obnoxious kangaroo jumped out in front of my car on the way to work. It was instantly fatal for the roo and my car is injured but not terminally. However it did require towing (dead radiators leaking vital fluids are not conducive to long term car health). It is now in car hospital waiting repair and I am driving around the little pink Barbie car.
Day 46: One of Melbourne's Asian inspired suburbs. After yesterday's encounter with the roo, I just had to laugh when I saw the name of this Korean Restaurant whilst waiting for the bus.
Day 47: Arrgh! It's a pirate party. Knitted parrot off to party with a pirate wench in drag.
Day 48: What happens when you are watching MasterChef and the kids feel the urge to make crumble and the oven has a dead element? That's what BBQ's are for. It is a hooded BBQ though.

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