Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Project 365: Week 5

OK, this week we're back into the regular humdrum routine of our lives. Three of us are at work. The boy went back to school for his first day of the last year of  high school on Friday. We moved future Doctor daughter into her first share house. The suburb she has moved too is like falling down the rabbit hole and ending up on vacation in China. However, the yum cha is awesome.And it's walking distance from the hospital.
Day 29: Trainee ninja. The boy is hoping to go for his black belt in June. Training hard and executing his pattern with skill.
Day 30: The kids bought fish. One was looking at the RSPCA website and seeing that you can adopt fish. This was the description for the fish you could adopt: "What can I say about me? I enjoy swimming and blowing bubbles with my fishy friends. When we aren't doing that we spend our time doing.... what were we talking about again?? I've forgotten..." However these are not adopted fish... They are cheap fish.
Day 31: The state of my kitchen at 8pm on a Thursday night. This is typical. Thursday is the night all us ninjas are at class. Cook and run is an awesome skill. However, it has its drawbacks...
Day 32: Tables exist primarily as dumping grounds. The prompt for this month's #a month of home for today was Table. This is a common state of being for my table. In fact this is slightly rare as you can actually see some of the wooden table top.
Day 33: The middle daughter Mel having preliminary motorbike riding lessons. The washing suffered slightly and the chooks weren't impressed but she's clearly having fun.
Day 34: Moving Day. Do you know that it is possible to fit a single bed, a deconstructed desk and chair, a lamp and assorted bedding into the back of a family station wagon? The future Doctor daughter's clothes and textbook library required two whole car trips all by themselves though. Awesome deck on new share house.
Day 35: Getting bored waiting for the school bus. Which was 20 minutes late. Good start to the school year... Glorious day though.

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