Saturday, 14 September 2013

Hats, Trains and Grafitti Lanes

You may have noticed the slight hat obsession at the moment... Since March, I have knitted (wait I'm counting on my fingers - 4 wurm beanies, Barnaby the cloche, a hat for Louise, plus four more) - 10 hats! You'll be pleased to know I have stopped for a while turning my energies instead to cardigans and aran jumpers.

However, the hats are being persistently noisy little creatures when they gather together in packs and have been nagging for a chance to show off in public. They're pretty good at sneaking their way into photos too.

So enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon watching a steam train on the railway line that runs out the front of our house and a glimpse into the gorgeous gratified laneways of Melbourne (For more try a Google image search on Melbourne Laneways. They are a never ending changing canvas of colourful graffiti imagery, as well as cool cafes and restaurants and awesome coffee - coffee is sort of the lifeblood of Melbourne). Oh and keep your eye out for photo-bombing hats.
The Graeme Street Beanie (favourite hat of the boy).
Pattern: Graham by Jennifer Adams (a free pattern)
Needles: A set each of 4 mm and 4.5 mm dpns
Wool: Brownish red 8 ply (DK) tweed courtesy of the op shop again.

Get out of my shot!

Twisted Silver
Pattern: Lina by Johanna of Joko Knits
Needles: my favourite set of size 8 (4mm) antique Aero jumper length dpns
Wool: Grey recycled 8 ply pure wool from the op shop.

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