Saturday, 28 September 2013

Apologies to a work in progress

You know when you get to that stage of a big knitting project when you just don't wanna do it anymore. OK, I'm there at the moment. I have knitted two sleeves and the back of a beautiful aran jumper for my middle daughter Mel for her European adventure. I have knitted the band and about one pattern repeat on the front. It's the last piece and I should be excited to be roaring up the home straight and I'm just, meh... I'm over it. So I'm sorry jumper but I don't think I like you anymore and it's no longer a pleasure to spend time with you. It's not you though, it's me!

Don't get me wrong. I quite liked you back when we started out on this journey. I was excited to pick out the wool to create you with involving as it it did several trips to large yarn shops to fondle wool and dream and plan. I liked the pattern design process invovling as it it did the creation of Pinterest mood boards, a rummage through my knitting magazine and pattern collection and trawling of antique knitting patterns in op shops as well as gratuitous searching of the Ravelry pattern database.