Sunday, 11 January 2015

Mum, I need this!

In September I went to conference in Sydney. I took the head of the household and he holidayed while I worked and middle child, Melissa, minded house back home. On the last morning as I sitting savoring a cup of tea before the first session, I get a panicked phone call from Mel saying the gate to backyard had blown open in a storm and her hand reared extremely beloved pet chicken Pesto (+ the other chook) were missing. We discussed strategy for finding said chook and she went to work very agitated.

Later that same day whilst waiting for my flight at Sydney Airport, the head of household and I made extremely good use of free airport internet and had a long Facebook enabled conversation  with Melissa. She made her Dad tell her a nonsense story (an excruciatingly slow process when he is a two finger typist). He stirred her unmercifully about her poor chicken sitting skills and she peppered me with pictures of random knitted hats from Etsy with the plea - "Mum, I need this!" During her giant European tour earlier this year, she became a ‘hat’ person, returning with three tres chic felt numbers, a number of new knitted ones and an insatiable appetite for all things hat. When she got to this one, I immediately recognized it. I had the magazine (Knitscene Winter 2012) and it was one of the patterns that made me buy the magazine in the first place. So, I said sure. We debated colours and settled on cream with a mustard band - things I knew we’d be able to find without purchasing new yarn.

The chicken demonstrated immense homing chicken skills with Pesto back in the backyard when Mel got home from work. The other chicken (Nutty, short for Nutmeg) was never seen again.

When I arrived home, we shopped the stash and dug out this Cleckheaton Country naturals in cream and gold. I love Country Naturals - gorgeously soft to knit, it washes like a dream and has this delicious tweediness. I knitted her a hat that very weekend. We cuddled the chicken but it refused to divulge its adventures.
Pattern: Lucy by Carina Spencer from Knitscene, Winter 2012
Needles: 4mm (Those antique jumper length Aeros that I love so much again).
Yarn: Cleckheaton Country naturals 8ply in cream and gold.
Postscript: Unfortunately in mid November, Pesto had her last adventure. Something feral that really wanted a chicken dinner dug a hole under our fence and we awoke to a yard full of feathers and no chicken. We miss Pesto, the chook who loved a selfie, ate chips and bacon rind from your hand, helped me hang the washing by stealing clothes and pegs and occasionally flew onto the washing line but required help to get down and lived to terrorise the cat. You were the best pet chicken a family could have.
An appropriate last picture to be taken of Pesto... She did love selfies. Rest in peace chicken puppy.

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