Thursday, 20 March 2014

Curating Ravelry: Tribute to the Doctor

You know how special it is to find a TV show that you can sit down and watch with the whole family and all thoroughly enjoy it? Well for our family that has been Doctor Who. The Head of The Household and I are old doctor fans from way back. He grew up with Scarf Doctor and Peter Davison (or Celery Doctor as my kids affectionately refer to him) is the Doctor of my childhood memories. We started watching Dr Who as a family at the beginning of the new reboot with the 9th doctor and it's a must watch family TV date whenever it's on. (Lazy Sundays on the couch in our PJs watching Doctor Who and eating brunch).

Doctor Who has so many iconic images and knitters and crocheters the world over have turned their needles to some amazing tributes. My criteria for this collection were that they had the be free patterns and things I'd love to make. (I think this is just the first of a series of posts on this topic as I found sooo many cool things).

Want a Tardis with that?

Tardis ipad Cover by Ashley Ford
© Ashley Ford
The Dr Who Tardis Afghan by Carrie Fritsche.
by hedoknitstic Flickr
TARDIS Tara's TARDIS Socks by Tara Wheeler
© Tara Wheeler
Tardis hat by Randi Sanders
© Randi Sanders
Bigger on the inside shawl by Kate Atherley
spacer model: Kate Atherley
spacer photos: Amy Singer
Bigger on the inside mittens by Ampersand Designs
© ampersand designs
TARDIS stuffed plush by Penwiper
© pixelbrid

Daleks are really cute misunderstood creatures

INSULATE! hat by Amy van de Laar
© Amy van de Laar

 Extermiknit! by Penwiper
© Penwiper 2007
Dalek Amigurumi by Lucy Ravenscar
© Lucy Collin
Mummy's Little Dalek Jumper by Allison Bitter
© Allison Bitter, 2012

And what's a Doctor without a scarf?

The iconic Doctor Who scarf has so many variations over six seasons. I've just picked one of the most popular here (and in a yarn that is easily acessible in lots of places).

See Tara Wheeler's Site dedicated to knitting the authentic scarf in all its forms; The Witty Little Knitter. Here are patterns in number of different suggested yarns for all the variations.

Doctor Who Scarf - Season Thirteen in Cascade 220 by Tara Wheeler
Tardis Logo Scarf by Kristen Danley
© Kristen Danley 2012
Police Box Scarf by Penwiper
© Penwiper

And of course a sonic screwdriver?

Knitted Sonic Screwdriver V.2 by R J Daae
by RJDaae
Eleven's Sonic screwdriver by Kristen Danley
© Kristen Danley 2011

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