Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Spirali the scarf

Meet my new scarf. My son named it Spirali after the Italian name for spiral pasta because that's what he says it reminds him of.
Actually smiling for the camera for once. Really laughing at the photographer's impersonation of a fashion photographer.
Spiral scarves are hot right now in the fibre world. Here are some examples of my favourites.
Copyright dancing-girl on Ravelry. I just love the colours in this one. Made from the Helix scarf pattern by Stephenie Gaustad
Fall Foliage version of the Helix scarf with a picot edge
If you are inspired to make one the helix scarf pattern is available free from Ravelry or from Knitting Daily. This link takes you a whole gallery of helix scarf patterns including the fall foliage version pictured above.
Knitted with tapestry yarn using Nona Knits spiral pattern. I think I am sensing a theme of colours that I like
And this one is crocheted. The Sunroom spiral scarf.
Then of course there are those things knitted in that ruffle yarn that seems to be breeding everywhere at the moment. I first ran into Rico Can Can 12 months ago at a craft show. Now everyone's doing it (Panda or Red Heart Sashay, Style Craft Ruffles, Katia Ondas and Triana just to name a few) including the knock off merchants. I think these just look tacky, especially if they also include glitter in the yarn...

This one is almost OK

These however could almost make me change my mind about novelty yarn like this.

This has been an ongoing winter project, with progress going in fits and starts as enthusiasm waxed and waned. I got the bulk of it completed though on two train journeys to Melbourne and a long car trip (when I wasn't driving for once!)

Pattern: Better Homes and Gardens June 2009 Edition Bonus Bumper Knitting Book Spiral Scarf
Needles: 4.5 mm 
Yarn: Cheap 8ply acrylic (from the Reject Shop)
Cost: $4 AUD (and I still have some left over)
Techniques used:  Garter stitch short row shaping. No wrapping used on the turns though.

And now for Spirali's fashion shoot. The scarf was well behaved, posing happily as requested. The model even smiled (something which is unusual for me when I am having my photo taken). The photographer was perhaps getting into it a little too enthusiastically however. (Thanks Mel).
Adjusting the scarf
This is really warm around the back of my neck. Mounds of ruffles
Close up of short row shaping
The scarf is really long but worn looped around twice with the ends hanging out.
And finally a photo bomb by the highly attractive photographer. Do you know you really can't take a casual selfie with an SLR? Even with a mirror?

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