Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Beret Project redux: Sharkie the Beret

This is a story about a girl called Tammy. Tammy just turned 21. Tammy loves Sharks. Tammy deserved a special birthday present. What's more special than a hand-knitted accessory?

(Just as an aside, how do you tell if someone is 'yarn-worthy'? That is are they worthy of the time, care, sweat off your brow, blisters, pricked fingers and general hard work that goes into a hand knitted item?  I'll leave it to Franklin Habit of the Panopticon blog to explain how you make such an important decision - complete with flowchart and slightly 'salty' language. Read on here. Please be assured Tammy that while you fit neither of the two categories mentioned, you are still worthy).

So here is the next instalment of the beret project. I hereby introduce you to Sharkie the beret.

Pattern: The Cascade Beret by Kimberly Sherlock Porter. The Cascade Beret is a cable and lace beret knit in the round and inspired by the shapes and movement of water as it tumbles over rocks.
Yarn: 8 ply machine wash pure wool in Shark Gray.
Needles: a set of four 2.75 mm dpns (double pointed needles)  for the band and a set of four 3.25 mm dpns

Close up detail
(This is my second Cascade beret. I also knitted a bright red one for a uni friend of the eldest daughter's but neglected to ever take a photo of it)

Here is Tammy enjoying her other birthday present. I think this one's name is Bruce.


  1. Hi; I am trying to knit this beret for my daughter but try as I may, I cannot come up with 196 stitches after the first increase round. I have done it THREE times and I get 175 stitches (for the size L). I even did the math on paper and I get 175 stitches. Please help before I lose my marbles. (feel free to email me the answer THANKS! Lynn

  2. Firstly - a giant thank you. You are the first person who I don't know in real life who has commented on my blog! I feel like a real blogger!

    I just dug the pattern out and looked at it and now I remember swearing about those increases and frogging that increase row about three times when I knitted both berets.

    I think the problem was that I assumed that make 1 was making one by knitting into the front and back of each stitch when in fact it was Make 1 by picking up the loop lying between the stitches and knitting into this.

    So make 1 this way (The link goes to the lion brand instructions for Make 1):

    Hope this helps


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