Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Granny update

The great granny rug construction project is moving along quite nicely. This is just a quick progress update. The granny rug story's first chapter can be found here: Granny wants a latte macchiato.

I have a plan of completing a square a day at least. Some days it works. Others it doesn't. Some days I get 3 or 4 done. However, at last count I had a total of 88 squares, so it seemed to be a good chance to see how they looked together and also to see how large it was and if my initial guess of how many squares I needed was going to be right. I randomly laid them out on the floor and I am amazed at how cool they look. In fact they look so cool, photos of them are currently also serving as the backgrounds on the i-pad and other tablet devices that live in my house.

Clearly it is also a satisfactorily, snugly blankie even in this semi-assembled  state as the cat decided it was worth curling up on. Usually you find the cat snoozing on the end of someone's bed - the messier the bed the better as far as the cat is concerned. It likes to burrow in hollows.

Do I have to have my photo taken?
{I would hereby like to acknowledge Mel for her awesome photography skills in photographing the cat. I have been informed that I should acknowledge her intellectual property and not attempt to exploit her. (Glad to see she is learning something useful in her University education). So once again thanks to Mel and the cat. Maybe I owe it a modelling fee?}

The future recipient of the granny rug likes it too. I have even been good and been sewing in the ends as I go. Nearly a third of the way there now. Yay! At his rate it will only take me about 6 more months (let's not think about that now)... How about one more cool photo of progress so far instead?

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